What Voids A Roof Warranty: 7 Actions To Avoid

What Voids A Roof Warranty: 7 Actions To Avoid

New roofs often come with a manufacturer’s warranty for roofing materials. Having this type of warranty can help you save money on the cost of repairs and other expenses, such as maintenance. However, these warranties will become void under certain circumstances.

Knowing what voids a roof warranty can help you ensure yours stays valid. The following actions could cause your roof warranty to become void.

1. Improper Installation

Your new roof must be properly installed to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact. Manufacturers have specific rules for how roof installations proceed. You should hire an experienced roofing contractor who knows how to install your new roof while following the manufacturer’s rules and regulations.

In addition to voiding your warranty, an improperly installed roof can cause other problems. Your roof will have a higher risk of leaks and other damage.

2. Not Enough Ventilation

Your new roof should have a ventilation system so air taken in through lower vents can efficiently be vented through vents at the peak of your roof. This helps prevent moisture from accumulating inside your attic and damaging your roof. Having improper ventilation can cause heat to build up in your attic, which shortens the lifespan of your roof. Your roofing contractor should know how to install the right ventilation system for your new roof.

3. Too Much Insulation

Having the correct amount of insulation is essential for reducing energy usage. Having too much can cause other problems, such as blocking the intake out exhaust flow of air. This causes your roof to become too hot and can lead to faded shingles and a shorter lifespan.

When paired with not enough ventilation, too much insulation can easily void your roof warranty. You should look for a roofing contractor who knows how to properly insulate and ventilate your new roof to prevent this damage from occurring.

4. Installing a New Roof Over an Old One

Having a new roof installed right over your current one might seem convenient and cost-effective. However, doing this instead of having a roof replacement can void your warranty. Not only does this add weight to your roof, but it also covers up existing issues instead of fixing them. Adding a second layer of shingles also prevents heat from espacing, leaving your roof to become brittle and sustain damage easier.

5. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your roof might seem like a great way to remove debris, but you should avoid doing this. Using a pressure washer to clean your roof can void your warranty since it damages the shingles. Pressure washing your roof will force the granules off your roof, leaving your roof open to more leaks and a shorter lifespan. 

When you have a new roof installed, your roofer should be able to provide you with advice on how to keep it clean. You can check for the manufacturer’s recommendations on the best way to care for your new roof shingles.

6. Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Check with a knowledgeable roofing professional before you plan to have an antenna or satellite dish installed on your roof. Putting holes in your roof will void your warranty; it can also lead to leaks and other problems.

Roofing manufacturers have different warranty rules when it comes to antennas and satellite dishes, so pay close attention to the details of your warranty. Your roofing contractor should be able to install an antenna or satellite dish without voiding your warranty.

7. Additions to Your Roof

Solar panels can provide you with a more efficient energy source for your home. Skylights can increase the amount of natural light your home gets. While these roof additions have benefits, when installed incorrectly, they could void your roof warranty.

Skylights need to be installed properly to prevent leaks from occurring. Solar panels require proper installation to avoid adding too much weight to your roof. When you plan to add these to your roof, work closely with a roofing contractor to keep your warranty intact.If your Arlington home needs a new roof or other roofing work done, please contact S&S Roofing. Our experienced roofers can properly install a new roof and take additional steps to keep your warranty intact.