How Fast Does Mold Grow Because Of A Roof Leak?

How Fast Does Mold Grow Because Of A Roof Leak?

Mold can quickly grow when your home has a roof leak, so it’s essential to have roof repairs done promptly. Why is mold in the home dangerous? Mold can cause health problems for some people, such as headaches or respiratory issues.

Mold Growth After Leaks

You might be surprised to learn just how quickly you can end up with a mold problem. How fast does mold grow after a water leak? Mold can start growing within a day when a leak occurs and continue to grow as long as moisture or damp conditions remain.

Keep in mind that mold isn’t visible until it has been growing for 18 days. This means mold has already been growing for over 2 weeks before you are able to notice. In fact, mold spores may start germinating on surfaces within 24 hours of getting wet.

Mold doesn’t begin to spread right away after it starts to grow. It typically takes about 12 days for mold to establish a colony, after which it starts to spread to other areas. Fixing roof leaks quickly helps prevent mold from being able to spread.

Fix Roof Leaks and Damage Right Away

Knowing how to prevent mold in your attic from a roof leak can help keep you and your family safe. You should have professional roofers make repairs as soon as possible when your roof has a leak or other damage which allows water to seep in. Delaying these repairs lets more moisture into your attic, resulting in mold growth.

Check the Affected Areas

After having roof repairs done and drying any wet areas, you should watch the space to ensure there are no signs of mold. You can look for a local mold remediation company if you notice signs of mold, such as visible mold growing on your ceiling or walls or a moldy odor.

Schedule Roof Inspections

One of the best ways to prevent mold is having a roof inspection done at least once a year, or after storms if you think there might be damage. Roofing experts can look for leaks or other damage and make repairs right away, which helps lower the risk of water damage and mold growth in your home.If you need to schedule a roof inspection or repairs, please contact S&S Roofing in Arlington. Our roofing experts can make sure your roof is in good condition to prevent leaks and mold from occurring.