graphic with the quote 4 Things To Do When You Notice You Have A Leaking Roof

4 Things To Do When You Notice You Have A Leaking Roof

You have a soggy ceiling, and now it’s ‘raining’ inside your house. While a roof leak can be inconvenient and devastating, there are essential things you need to do immediately to manage the situation and minimize damage. Here are four significant steps to follow.

1. Contain the Roof Leak

Your first step should be to do what you can to contain the water and limit the damage. Put buckets, trash cans, or other containers under drips to catch the water. You can place some scrap wood inside the bucket to mute the dripping sound.

If the problem is more than mere drips, move your valuables out of the water’s path and use a tarp or plastic sheet to cover heavy items.

2. Relieve Water Pressure

If you notice the ceiling is dipping or bulging, there’s likely water collecting in that spot. Place plastic sheeting on the surrounding area and use a screwdriver to poke a small hole in the lowest point of the bulge. Depending on the size of the leak, you may need to make several punctures.

Poking a hole allows you to control the leak before the accumulated water causes a ceiling collapse. Make sure you have a large container underneath the leak to catch the water.

3. Find the Source of the Leak

Now that you’ve contained the damage, it’s time to find the source of the leak. If you can access your attic, grab a flashlight and head inside. Look for any holes, gaps, or visible damage. If you can’t see any holes, look for where water is coming in or wood and insulation dark with moisture.

Keep in mind that finding the source of a leak is sometimes more complicated than just spotting a hole in the attic ceiling. The water usually travels down along the rafters and spreads to other areas.

Avoid getting on your roof to inspect the outside – leave that task to the pros.

4. Call a Local Roofing Contractor

Roof leaks should be addressed immediately to prevent extensive and costly damage. If left unchecked, roof leaks can damage the rafters, roof deck, drywall, and your home’s interior.

A reliable, local roofing contractor will thoroughly inspect your roof to track down the leak. They’ll check the roofing material, roof penetrations, flashing, attic ventilation, and other areas to determine if the leak is isolated or caused by roof failure.

If your roof is caused by failure, old age, or extensive storm damage, you’ll need a roof replacement. The roofing contractor will give you an estimate or quote for the scope of work. 

After you get a new roof and things get back to normal, keep up with preventative roof maintenance to prevent leaks and keep your roof in good shape.

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