Behind The Scenes Of Roof Cleaning And Why You Need It

Behind The Scenes Of Roof Cleaning And Why You Need It

There’s more to roof maintenance than just inspecting for damage, making necessary repairs, and keeping debris off the roof. Unfortunately, some homeowners are unaware their roof actually needs to be cleaned. If you’ve been too busy to pay close attention to your roof, there’s a likelihood it’s filled with all sorts of stuff from leaves to organic growth.

What is Roof Cleaning?

Roof cleaning involves removing moss, algae, lichens, mold, and buildup of other grime and dirt from the surface of your roof. There are several roof cleaning methods, including pressure washing, low-pressure washing, and chemical soft wash.

The method used will depend on the type of roof material. For instance, metal can handle high-powered pressure washes more adequately, while asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and wood slate will need soft washing to avoid damage.

Soft wash roof cleaning involves applying a biodegradable cleaning solution to the roof’s surface, allowing it to sit for about 30 minutes, and then rinsing it off with clean water. The algae, moss, or lichen will die from exposure to the chemical. The low-pressure rinse will loosen the dead material and allow it to slide off the roof.

Why Do You Need a Roof Cleaning Service?

Over time, moss, algae, lichen, grime, and dirt can build up on your roof. Unless removed, these buildups can affect the function and look of your roof. The organic materials can hold extra moisture and prevent water from sloughing off the roof as it usually would.

The trapped water can lead to leaks and cause early deterioration of your roof. The wet materials also add weight and stress to your roof and provide a home for pests. For reflective cool roofs, the organic growth can hamper their ability to deflect the sun’s heat.

Unlike other debris, algae, moss, mold, and mildew continue to grow. They can work their way under your roof coating and dislodge the materials as they continue to spread. Moss can lift or curl the edges of the shingles, leading to cracks and blow-offs during storms.

Beyond health and function, these contaminants can hurt the appearance of your roof. Algae, for instance, causes black streaks on the roofing surface. These unsightly stains will continue to worsen year after year until you get a roof cleaning service.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Cleaning?

Enhance curb appeal: Roof cleaning will make your roof look new and boost your home’s overall curb appeal.

  • Stop damage: Getting rid of moss or algae will keep your roof structurally sound and prevent premature roof replacement.
  • Improved energy-efficiency: Roof cleaning will allow the roof surface to reflect the sun and keep the attic and home cooler.
  • Prevent infestation: A clean roof will be unattractive to insects and small rodents.
  • Keep your roof warranty intact: Your roof warranty will only be good as long as you’re keeping up with roof maintenance.
  • Homeowners’ insurance coverage: Many insurance companies deny claims if there’s any growth on the roof at the time of their inspection. Your insurance provider wants to know your roof is in clean condition.

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