What Does A Roof Warranty Cover And How To Choose The Best One

What Does A Roof Warranty Cover And How To Choose The Best One

Installing a new roof in Arlington, WA, can be costly, running into thousands of dollars. Such an expensive project needs a proper warranty. A warranty can give you peace of mind, save you money, and ensure that your house gets a roof if anything happens to the current one. 

However, how much peace of mind your warranty affords you or the money it saves depends on its type and what it covers. Here is a brief overview of roof warranty types and how to choose one based on what they cover. 

Types of Roof Warranties 

There are three main types of roof warranties available in Arlington, WA:  

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranty 

A manufacturer’s warranty is usually standard with most roofing shingles. This warranty covers the cost of replacing defective shingles within a limited period, usually several years after installation – however, it doesn’t cover defects resulting from improper installation. It also covers the labor cost of installing the new shingles. However, it doesn’t cover the cost of removing and disposing of defective shingles. These warranties usually last a lifetime (as long as you own the house). 

  1. Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty 

An extended manufacturer’s warranty covers everything covered in the standard manufacturer’s warranty and more. Its most notable benefit is that the manufacturer can change the entire roof if only one component fails. The warranty also covers installation defects and workmanship errors. It also lasts longer than the standard manufacturer’s warranty – it can last for up to 50 years. However, you must buy all your roofing materials from the same manufacturer to qualify for this warranty. 

  1. Workmanship Warranty 

Most roof defects originate from substandard roof installation practices when working with incompetent contractors. A workmanship warranty covers defects that can be traced back to the contractor. The common defects covered by a workmanship warranty include: 

  • Failure to install starter shingles. 
  • Failure to properly install the underlayment. 
  • Installing the roof in extreme temperatures. 
  • Using too many or too few nails. 

The company that provided the workmanship material will cover the material and labor cost of repairing or replacing the roof. Coverage periods can range between two and 25 years. 

Choosing the Best Roof Warranty 

Choosing the best roof warranty will be easy now that you know what each type covers. It is still advisable to conduct thorough research on the roof warranty on offer before signing the contract. This is especially important when looking for a workmanship warranty from your roof installation contractor. 

Quality Roof Installation Services Backed by a Warranty 

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