How To Know How Often You Should Clean Your Roof

How To Know How Often You Should Clean Your Roof

Regular roof cleaning is an essential aspect of home exterior maintenance. Routine cleaning of the roof and declogging of gutters at least once every year can go a long way in prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

Just ensure the cleaning is done by an experienced roofing contractor and not just any cleaning company. Roofers have the expertise and equipment to navigate your roof safely and remove debris, moss, fungi, mold, and other dirt on your roof without damaging it.

How Often Roofs Should Be Cleaned

How frequently you should clean your roof depends on several factors:

  • The overall condition of your roof
  • The type of roof you have
  • The number of trees surrounding your home
  • The age of your roof
  • The weather in your area
  • Whether or not your roof sustained weather damage

Asphalt composite shingles require cleaning every couple of years. Metal Roofs don’t need cleaning as often because a good rain will typically rinse them off well.

Regardless of the roof type, avoid high-pressure cleanings since it can degrade metal. It will destroy the delicate asphalt surfaces by eliminating the granules, leaving the tar paper exposed to heat and water. 

Other Reason To Clean Roofs

Here are some other reasons to schedule roof cleaning services:

  • Organisms such as moss, algae, and lichens can be feeding off the organic matter in your shingles.
  • Your insurance company may require you to keep a clean roof as part of roof maintenance.
  • Roof cleaning can save you the cost of re-roofing too early.
  • Enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  • Prevent animal and insect invasion.
  • Falling leaves and debris on your roof means it needs more roof cleaning.

Get Professional Roof Cleaning Today!

S&S Roofing in Arlington, WA, offers affordable roof cleaning services to remove problematic algae, grime, dirt, and mold. Roof cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. By keeping your roof clean, we can help you prevent decay, leading to expensive roof repairs or even a complete roof replacement. Besides, maintaining your roof will prolong the lifespan of your roofing and keep it functional for an extended period. Contact us today for a free estimate!