Do Home Inspectors Ever Have To Get On My Roof?

Do Home Inspectors Ever Have To Get On My Roof?

Home inspections are necessary on several occasions, such as when looking to sell your home or buy one. You need a home inspector to look at the condition of your home and give you an honest, complete report.

So naturally, one of the things you would be curious about is whether your home inspector will climb on your roof to inspect it.

Do Home Inspectors Get On the Roof?

The truth is, home inspectors have no obligation to get on your roof and inspect it, according to the ASHI and NACHI National Standards of Practice.

ASHI, an industry leader in home inspections across the US, does not specify how inspectors perform roof inspections. Instead, it requires members to observe the roof, leaving individual inspectors to determine what to do for each house.

A few inspectors may climb on residential roofs, provided it is safe. The decision is at their discretion and will depend on prevailing limitations, such as:

  • Weather conditions
  • Condition of roof coverings
  • Roof pitch

Is It Sufficient to Conduct Roof Inspections from the Ground?

Given the high cost of roof installations, repairs, and replacements and the critical role your roof plays in protecting your home, it may be surprising for a home inspector to not climb up to inspect it. Inspecting a roof from the ground may not be enough to determine its condition, but at times it’s better for a professional roofer to do the deep inspecting.

Granted, not getting up on the roof to inspect it doesn’t lower the expertise of your home inspector. As stated above, it could be due to several reasons, such as a lack of access, slippery conditions, or hard-to-reach roofs.

Hence, the need to hire a professional roofing contractor.

Why Hire a Roofing Professional?

A roofer is best qualified to perform roof inspections; some even offer a certified inspection. They will identify broken shingles, flashings, skylights, gutters, and chimneys. They will ascertain the condition of the entire roof system and may even do small, on-the-spot repairs as necessary. If you have already identified issues from your DIY assessment – just don’t get on the roof to do it. Are you looking for a professional roof inspection service? Or want to repair your roof? Contact S&S Roofing, LLC, for efficient and remarkable services in Arlington, WA. We are a local, reliable, and family-owned roofing company. See how we can help with your next project.