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If you own a home, you understand that home maintenance matters. Routinely cleaning your roof is one way to avoid far more expensive issues down the road. But to clean your roof correctly, you need the right tools and procedures to do the job. At S&S Roofing, we help you understand the appropriate measures you should take to clean your asphalt shingles without damaging them (and we repair and replace roofs).

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Shingle Roof

A smooth, clean, well-maintained asphalt shingle roof makes your home stand out. It suggests that you, as the homeowner, care about your home’s appearance. Routinely cleaning your roof enables your home to preserve its intended aesthetic. The following factors are advantages of cleaning your roof (at least twice annually). 

Avoids Costly Damage

When loose debris (leaves, twigs, branches) remains on your roof, the risk of water and moisture intrusion increases substantially.

Extends Roof’s Lifespan

Regularly cleaning your roof extends its life. Removing algae, lichen, and moss keeps your roof’s protective qualities intact.

Increases Home Value

A clean roof denotes a degree of care. The homeowner invested valuable time and resources into maintaining the roof correctly.

Keeps Warranty Intact

Many home warranties have coverage limits or specific stipulations (such as owner responsibilities like conducting routine maintenance.)

Preserves Energy Efficiency

A roof covered in algae, dirt, and grime no longer functions optimally. By design, clean asphalt reflects heat away from the home.

Protects From Pest Intrusion

An unmanaged roof invites insects, rodents, birds, and bees to burrow and nest in it. Avoid this possibility with a routine roof cleaning.

Reasons To Hire A Professional To Clean Your Shingle Roof

Homeownership is a worthy pursuit for countless individuals and families. Once you achieve this life objective by purchasing a home, protecting your home’s appearance takes precedence. You accomplish this goal by performing routine maintenance on your home, including your roof. To guarantee that your roof receives the TLC necessary, hire a professional routinely to handle cleaning your roof. Here are six reasons to choose a trained technician over DIY (do it yourself) to clean your roof.

Avoid Damage To Your Roof

DIYers don’t know what they don’t know. Cleaning a shingle roof requires precision. The delicate shingle granules serve vital functions. But a power washer set on too high of a setting irreparably damage shingles. Prevent this outcome. Hire a trained technician to clean your roof safely with the right tools at the proper settings.

Cost Effectiveness

Even if you pay out of pocket to hire a professional versus DIY, the cost savings to you may result in a net savings. You won’t have to rent equipment or tools to clean your roof. A trained technician won’t use as much water or cleaning solutions as you might. You won’t risk paying for medical bills if you’re injured from a fall.

Improve Your Roof’s Appearance

A roof that has streaks from algae or mold looks dated and unkempt. In fact, allowing years of grime to coagulate may cause irreversible damage to your roof. Consequently, your home will experience reduced curb appeal. To avoid this possibility, hire a professional to remove unsightly stains, dirt, grease, and grime.

Professionals Have The Equipment, Experience, and Tools

DIYers need not apply. Properly cleaning a roof requires the right tools and equipment. Otherwise, you’re asking for trouble. Many DIYers think a ladder and a pressure washer will do the trick. Unfortunately, cleaning a roof involves much more than just spraying water on a roof. Trained technicians know how to do the job right.

Your Safety

One of the highest-risk activities involves climbing a ladder to perform a task. Thousands of homeowners fall off ladders yearly and incur serious injuries (or even death.) Trained technicians know how to navigate a ladder and roof surface safely. They also carry liability insurance in the unlikely event an accident occurs.

Save You Time

Sure. You can try cleaning your roof. But should you? Typically, a DIYer will take 2-5 times as long to clean a roof than a trained technician. Instead of attempting to map out how to do a job you don’t perform routinely, hire an experienced professional who knows exactly what they’re doing. They’ll perform the job precisely.

How To Hire The Right Roof Cleaning Professional

Ask About Their Cleaning Process

When considering a professional, inquire about their methodology. Ask questions. What equipment and tools do they use? How experienced are they in this industry? What certifications do they hold? What safety measures do they utilize?

Find Out About Their Insurance Coverage

Never hire a professional who doesn’t have sufficient insurance, including liability coverage and worker’s compensation. An underinsured or uninsured entity does not take this business seriously. There is too much at risk for you.

Secure A Written Price Quote

Ensure the professional you choose gives the quote in writing with enough detail to know exactly what services you will receive. Nothing creates more confusion and frustration for a homeowner than a service provider who overcharges.

Verify References

A reliable professional knows that reputation matters more than anything to run a successful business. Request at least three qualified references you can contact to ask questions regarding their experiences and confirm their satisfaction.

As a fourth-generation roofing contractor in the Pacific Northwest, S&S Roofing knows roofing. If you need guidance on how to clean a roof or any other roofing service (including repair and replacement), contact us today to schedule an appointment.