house graphic with the caption How Long Will A Quality Roof Inspection Take?

How Long Will A Quality Roof Inspection Take?

Oxymorons are things like “jumbo shrimp” and “controlled chaos.” One part contradicts the other. Roof inspections can seem to be oxymorons, too, when you ask your roofer how long the inspection will take. Two opposite answers are possible, and both make sense. 

Quick Inspection

A quick roof inspection can be tricky. If you use a disreputable roofer, a quick inspection is a sign of trouble. The roofer drives up, stands on your lawn, and pronounces your roof a complete disaster requiring immediate (and costly) replacement. That’s not very reassuring. Moving on!

A quick residential roof inspection by a trained, trustworthy, local roofer can be helpful. The trained eyes of an experienced roofer can pick up on subtle problems right away.

In 10 to 30 minutes, the reliable roofer can walk around your home and check many issues:

  • Faulty or damaged drip edge
  • Poor gutter drainage
  • Shingle granules at the base of downspouts
  • Undersized or misshapen ridge vents
  • Cracked, split, or missing shingles
  • Bowed, cupped, or crowning rafters that disrupt the smooth plane of your roof
  • Dislodged flashing

Expect the conscientious roofer to take pictures and ask to get into your attic. Even with that, the quick inspection may only take half an hour and reveal a whole list of roofing challenges for you and your roofer to solve together. 

Long Inspection

What about a more detailed inspection? First, it will naturally take longer. Second, it will be far more valuable than the quick inspection. A lengthy inspection could take a few hours. The roofer will document every finding with notes, photographs, and possibly video. 

The longer inspection will delve deeper into your attic to uncover sheathing, insulation, and ventilation issues. Ground conditions, roof height, roof slope, and building codes all factor into the time a thorough inspection will take. 

The careful roofer will discuss each roof concern and possible solutions, from repair to full roof replacement

No Inspection

Beware of any roofer who claims to need no inspection of your roof before providing an estimate on roof repair or replacement. Sure, it’s the fastest possible answer, but it tells you nothing. Well, it does tell you one thing: that roofer is not trustworthy. A roof must be seen to be assessed.

S&S Roofing LLC stands ready to carefully inspect your home’s roof. Contact us today to learn more about our complete inspection and maintenance services for residential roofs.