How Your Roof Shingle Replacement Costs Are Estimated

Do you need to replace your roof? If your roof has experienced significant damage or it has reached the end of its expected lifespan, it may be time for a roof replacement. Whatever the case might be, you’ll want to know what to expect when it comes to how much it will cost. It’s important to understand there is no flat fee when it comes to roof replacement. This is because the cost of roof replacement depends on the following factors.

Size of the House

The size of your house can affect how involved the roof replacement will be. For instance, a roof replacement for a single-story home will be easier to perform than a replacement for a two-story building. This is because the higher the roof is, the more labor will be needed to get onto the roof. Not to mention more safety precautions will need to be taken.

Size of Your Roof

The size of your roof affects a few different things. First of all, this generally means there are more shingles which need to be replaced. Secondly, extra labor is needed with a larger roof.

Pitch of Your Roof

The pitch of your roof affects the safety of the replacement project. It’s more difficult to work on a steep roof. Workers will need to take even more safety precautions as a result.

Roof Material

The cost of shingles varies greatly based on material. For instance, asphalt shingles are going to be much less expensive than metal roofing.

The Extent of the Replacement

In some cases, only the shingles, flashing, and underlayment need to be replaced. In other cases, the decking may need to be replaced as well. More layers needed in the replacement results in more labor and materials required, all of which contribute to a higher cost. These are the factors a roofer takes into account when they provide an estimate for a roof replacement. Because the costs of a roof replacement depend on various factors, a contractor will need to do an in-person estimate. Be wary of any roofer who provides an estimate over the phone without scheduling an in-person inspection. To request a roof replacement estimate in Arlington, WA, be sure to contact us at S&S Roofing today. We have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the roof replacement you deserve.