7 Subtle Ways To Know If Your Roof Is Damaged

7 Subtle Ways To Know If Your Roof Is Damaged

There is a golden rule when it comes to roof damage. The earlier you find it and have it repaired, the better! Quickly repairing damage helps prevent rot, mold growth, and more extensive roof deterioration. But how do you know if your roof is damaged? Keep an eye out for these seven signs.

1. Mold

If you see mold in the attic, your ceilings, or walls, you probably have roof damage. Mold only takes a few days to start growing after a roof leak.

2. Dark Spots on Walls

If the tops of your walls got wet due to a roof leak, and when they dried out, they may develop dark spots. Sometimes the paint along the tops of walls may also start bubbling and peeling due to moisture exposure.

3. Damp Areas Around Vents

Venture into the attic, and look at the areas around vents and chimneys. If the areas around these penetrations are damp, water is coming in. This is one of the most common areas to see roof leaks.

4. Leaks in Ceilings

Sometimes you’ll actually see water coming in through the ceiling. This can be a drip or a bigger drizzle. When you see actual water coming through the ceiling, your roof has generally been damaged for quite some time. 

5. Missing or Damaged Shingles

You may not be able to see your entire roof from the ground outside, but take a look at what you can see. If you notice any missing shingles, peeling or raised shingles, or cracked shingles, then you need roof repairs.

6. Granules in Your Gutters

As your shingles age, the granules on their surface tend to fall off. They get carried into your gutters as water drizzles down the roof. They look like tiny, shiny pebbles, and you may see them in your yard or downspouts. Shingles don’t offer a lot of protection once the granules are gone, so this is a sign you need repairs.

7. Broken Gutters or Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are part of your roof. If they are broken or blocked, your roof will suffer too much water exposure. So, have them fixed before they lead to more roof damage.If you do notice any signs of roof damage, contact S&S Roofing in Arlington, WA. We’ll assess the conditions of your roof and give you a free, no-obligation estimate.