How Do You Maintain Your Metal Roof?

How Do You Maintain Your Metal Roof?

Congratulations on selecting and installing a metal roof on your Snohomish or Skagit county home. You have invested in one of the sturdiest, strongest, longest-lasting residential roofs available. Now you need to keep it maintained so it fulfills its 50-year potential. But, how do you maintain a metal roof? 

Metal, Not Glass

A metal roof could mean standing metal seams, shingles, panels, or some other configuration. The point is, your roof is sturdy metal, not glass and petroleum. A fiberglass-asphalt shingle is just that: glass and oil products. 

The great news: a quality metal roof, installed by a reliable, local roofer, needs very little maintenance; far less than any other kind of roof. 

It’s The Finish

Metal roofs really can last 50 years or more. The weak spot — if a five-decade roof can be said to have a weak spot — is not the metal; it’s the finish.

Modern residential metal roofs have tough, sprayed-on finishes. Some are baked on, some include stone-coated steel coatings. And just about every major brand of metal roofing comes in a rainbow of beautiful, long-lasting colors. 

Only a trained professional has the safety equipment and training to navigate a slippery metal roof, find and fix tiny flaws, and keep the colors bright. 

Dents and Dings

Please, stay off your home’s metal roof! Call in professional roofers to give your residential metal roof its annual review. If you walk on your roof, you could put a footprint-sized dent in a metal panel. Worse, you could slide off your roof and put a big dent in your body. 

Metal roofs are not magnets for hail, dent-causing tree branches, or dings from stray baseballs. Quality metal roofs have steel, aluminum, or alloys such as Galvalume® which hold up against high winds, hard hits, and more. 

Metal Roof Maintenance

A good roofer will do all this for your home’s metal roof:

  • Remove branches, twigs, and large debris
  • Sweep the roof clean
  • Scrub off dirt and stains
  • Inspect valleys for signs of scratches, scuffs, corrosion, or elongated holes around fasteners
  • Check for signs of galvanic corrosion

Structurally, a good roofer inspects all fasteners (exposed and hidden), tests seams, and ensures flashing is flawless. Only a qualified roofer can perform all these metal roof maintenance steps. In Snohomish and Skagit counties, your professional roofer is S & S Roofing. Contact S & S Roofing today to help protect your home’s metal roof!