never DIY your metal roof

4 Reasons Why You Should Never DIY Your Metal Roof

What homeowners haven’t asked themselves questions about their houses. Is “Ultimate Gray” really 2021’s Color of the Year? Is installing a metal roof difficult? Though it seems easy, installing any kind of roof is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. This is especially true with metal roofing. 

Do It Yourself?

You may be handy with pliers and a hammer, but you are not trained to install metal roofing. You may think you will save a few thousand dollars trying to reroof your own home with beautiful, long-lasting metal roofing. You may also think you can remove your own appendix. Neither is a wise choice.

Professional roofing crews depend on a deep bench of talent and tools to efficiently install a metal roof. Consider what arrives at your Arlington-area home when you contract for a new metal roof:

  • Flawless standing seam metal panels in your selected color
  • Trucks full of specialty tools and supplies
  • Factory-trained installation crews
  • Roof access equipment
  • Fall arrest and personal protective gear

Most homeowners have none of that stuffed in a workshop. A roofer has invested a lot of money and talent in gathering the right tools and workers for metal roof installation. 

Danger, Danger

We cannot emphasize enough the dangers of working on roofs. Metal is slippery. If a metal roof is going over an old shingle roof, you double the risks with battens, shingles, and metal panels all creating fall hazards. 

You may be tempted, as a DIYer, to take shortcuts. You might neglect necessary preparation work, or not invest in the correct metal-cutting tools. 

Budget Buster

Perhaps the greatest threat of all in DIY metal roofing is not the physical hazard, it is the financial ruin. You may order too many or too few metal roof panels in the color you need. You may forget to order fasteners or flashing. 

You might mismeasure a panel, cutting it short. You might install panels improperly, voiding any warranty and inviting water leaks. Your DIY money-saving project could cost you far more than simply hiring professional roofers at the outset. 

And, yes, Pantone really picked a mid-toned gray (along with a cheery yellow, thankfully) as its CotY for 2021. Ugh. S & S Roofing is proud to provide metal roofing among our many roofing services. Contact us today to learn why a DIY approach is not only dangerous, but more expensive than using our skilled roofing crews.