How Can I Help My Roof Pass Inspection?

How Can I Help My Roof Pass Inspection?

Did you know scheduling a roof inspection can help you save a tidy amount? It’s true.

Some homeowners often wait for their roofs to suffer irreparable damage before they call contractors. This is always a bad idea guaranteed to be costly and time-consuming.

To avoid the hassles of urgent repairs and costly replacements, get your roof inspected by reputable contractors.

Why Roof Inspection is Essential

A roof inspection is simply the process whereby a certified contractor examines your entire roof’s condition. This means checking it for any signs of damage and estimating how much serviceable time it still has left. Therefore, the primary purpose of a roof inspection is to diagnose problems before they escalate. 

Some of the roofing problems can be identified during an inspection. Leaks, faulty air conditioning, and rusty flashing also are checked for during a routine inspection.

What Inspectors Check During Roof Inspection

A professional roofing contractor inspects the following:

  • Structural integrity. During a roof inspection, your roofer will check the condition of soffit, gutters, and fascia. The roof fields also get inspected for any signs of deterioration, including sagging. Furthermore, structures like the chimney need examination for signs of crumbling and cracking.
  • Roof materials. Professionals assess the condition of your roof for damages and signs of staining, cracking, and curling. They also look out for excess algae growth. Flashing and vents are checked for corrosion or loosening.
  • Interior surfaces. Roofing problems like water leaks eventually damage your home’s interior. This is why inspectors check the attic for signs like water stains and mold and mildew growth.

How to Pass a Roof Inspection

Typically, your roof will ‘fail’ the inspection if missing, worn-out, or broken shingles are found. 

Moss and fungus colonies, or other signs of extensive water damage, are also deterrents to passing an inspection.

If you are asking yourself, “will my roof pass inspection,” here are a few tips to ensure the answer is yes:

  •    Get professional repairs for any damages
  •    Clean your roof and gutters regularly
  •    Observe proper maintenance services

Let Us Help You

Thorough roof inspection needs skilled professionals. Don’t turn this into a DIY project unless you are willing to miss crucial spots or risk your health. Remember, falling off your roof can result in debilitating injuries or death. Hire our expert team at S&S Roofing LLC in Arlington, WA. We aim to provide quality roofing services to meet and exceed your needs. Contact us today for more info and get a free estimate.