Can Roof Repairs Be Done On Old Roofs In The Winter?

Can Roof Repairs Be Done On Old Roofs In The Winter?

Roof problems can be a real menace during Seattle’s dark and cold winters. You may be tempted to attempt a roof repair by yourself, and that would be a mistake. Fortunately, professional contractors can take over and even offer off-season prices to address problems on your roof. Take a look at the common roof issues that Washington homeowners face in wintertime and the reasons to avoid attempting a DIY roof repair job regardless of the age of your roof.

Winter Roof Woes And Hazards

Snow and rain pose several roof problems for homeowners in the Washington area. Here’s a look at the peskiest cold weather roof issues:

Ice Dams

Ice dams form when the indoor heat rises from the attic and melts the snow on your roof, then refreezes at the edge of the roof due to a drop in temperature. They’re a nuisance, loosening shingles, tearing off gutters, and causing water to back up and enter through your windows and around your walls. Water from the leak can cause the paint on your walls to blister. Mold and insect problems can follow. 

Roof Snow Load

If a winter storm dumps inches of snow on your roof and wet spells follow, then the snow can absorb the rainfall and put tremendous strain on your rooftop. On an older home or an improperly framed newer structure, the weight of the snow can pose a significant safety risk. In a worst-case scenario, it may cause the roof to collapse, with devastating results for life and property. 

Roof Flashing Leaks

Roof flashing is a material that roofing contractors install in the skylight, chimney, ventilation pipes, and other features where water is more likely to enter the home. Improperly installed flashing can cause melting snow and rainwater to leak into your home. The flashing can also crack or pull away from the roof over time due to high winds and general wear and tear. Professional contractors will inspect the roofing during a roof repair or replacement. 

Roof Noises

At the most, a mild annoyance, roof noises can occur in bitterly cold weather. On flat roofs and roofs with a low slope, the freezing ice can expand and split apart with a loud cracking sound. Clearing fresh snow off your roof is a solution, and hiring a snow removal service is a safe approach.

Why Roof Repair During Winter Is Best Left To Professional Contractors 

It’s generally accepted that summers are a good time for roof repairs. In fact, any time the weather is pleasant and predictable, with no or minimal rainfall is just fine to carry out fixes on your roof or replace your old roof.

The good news is that winter isn’t too late to replace shingles or install a new roof. But only a professional roofing service is qualified to carry out cold-weather roofing from the perspective of quality and safety. A winter repair may fetch you a discounted price as roofing contractors will not typically get the same rate of bookings as is usual in summer and spring.

Safety Concerns

Roof repairs in winter pose a risk of falls, which can cause serious injuries or prove fatal. Even roof repair professionals must exercise the utmost care to keep themselves safe on top. Some may complete repairs after the snow has melted a bit or require more time to finish the job. A few may not accept cold weather roofing jobs they aren’t comfortable undertaking safely. Here, the contractor’s experience comes into play. Someone who has spent years or decades climbing the snow-laden roofs of homes in Greater Seattle – Tacoma – Bellevue will likely be up to the challenge.

Quality Concerns

The quality issues associated with winter roof repair include inadequate flashing or nailing and hasty shingle placement from cold fingers and discomfort. The possibility of a poor repair job is less likely when you use the services of a long-term Washington area roofing professional. 

Contact S&S Roofing For Cold Weather Roof Repair

Roof installation or repair is best reserved for the summer. But if you discover issues that can become significant problems very soon, you shouldn’t hesitate to book a roof repair with S&S Roofing as soon as possible. Washington’s winters and worst bouts of inclement weather have tested us over the years, enabling us to improve our safety protocols while upping our quality game. Our reliable service and quality workmanship remain unfaltering with the change of season. Leave us a message and get a free estimate as soon as possible.