How To Give Your Roof TLC With Regular Maintenance

A roof plays a critical role in safeguarding your home from outside weather elements. However, the thought of having to replace a roof is often daunting. With the cost of roof replacement skyrocketing, it’s no surprise many homeowners want to give their roofs tender loving care to last as long as possible. All it takes is regular roof maintenance to enable your roof to last its entire lifespan or even beyond.

Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance 

Having regular maintenance allows you and your roofing contractor to stay ahead of any potential issues, like leaks or repairs, which may arise. As the old saying goes: “An ounce of preventive measure is worth a pound of cure.” These wise words hold true for life in general, but they hold double true when it comes to roof care. Investing a little money in preventive roof maintenance now will go a long way towards preventing costly roof replacement later on. So, here are a few benefits of regular roof maintenance.

1. Helps You Catch Problems Early

The best preventive maintenance tip costs no money at all. You simply need to look at your roof and ceiling. When you get accustomed to looking at your roof regularly, you’ll get a better sense of what a properly maintained roof looks like. As a result, you can catch issues early and do small fixes instead of waiting for large renovations.

2. Extends the Life of Your Roof

Regular roof maintenance can add years to the lifespan of your roof. Typically, roof maintenance involves cleaning, repairing, recoating, and sealing the roof to keep it in optimal condition and effectively protected from any future wear and tear. While the lifespan of an asphalt shingles roof is normally around 15-20 years, roof maintenance can add ass much as 15 years of life to your roof for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

3. Maintenance Saves You Money

Roof maintenance is a less costly alternative to total roof replacement, which is why many homeowners choose regular roof maintenance over full roof replacement. Roof maintenance does not involve tear-off or removal of an existing roof, so property owners can save significantly on labor costs. Typically, roof maintenance can save you anywhere from 50-70% as compared to the cost of a complete roof replacement. Since your roof will last longer, you will decrease the possibility of extensive damage to the roof and the interior of your home. Plus, you potentially won’t have to replace your roof as soon.

4. Maintenance Prevents Water Damage

If your roof is not properly sealed, moisture and water can infiltrate your property. If not promptly treated, water leaks can cause mold growth and rotten framing, insulation, sheathing, and ceilings and walls. With roof maintenance, your roofing contractor can diagnose problems and repair any cracked or broken shingles before they cause damage from leaks.

Hire an Experienced Roofing Professional

Roof maintenance should be done 1-2 times a year, and spring and fall are excellent times when the weather is not too hot nor too cold. It’s always important to work with a trusted local roofer who will get to know you and your roof and help you take better care of it. You’ll want to focus on a roofing contractor who is insured, bonded, and licensed to work on a wide range of residential roofs. If you own a home in Arlington, WA, and surrounding areas, S&S Roofing is your ultimate roofer of choice. Contact us today to begin the conversation about your roof’s maintenance plan.