How To Know What Color Of Shingles Is Best For Your Home

How To Know What Color Of Shingles Is Best For Your Home

New shingles can give your home a fresh appearance or a completely different look. What color of shingles is best? When you need to pick out a shingle color for a new roof, it’s essential to keep a few factors in mind.

Decorating the outside of your home doesn’t just refer to your siding. This type of decorating also includes roof shingles. You should consider the following when selecting a roof color.

1. House Color

Your home’s exterior color can affect the color of shingles you choose. Your options can include shingle colors to compliment your current house color or contrasting colors – as long as they don’t clash.

2. Your Home’s Architectural Style

The architectural style of your house also has an impact on the shingle color you select. More modern homes typically have different roof shingle colors than older homes, such as Craftsman-style homes or Victorian homes.

3. Sunlight Effects

The sun’s natural light throughout the year (and even each day) can affect how shingles look. Consider how the sunlight will shine on your home at various times when choosing a shingle color.

4. Energy Efficiency

Lighter shingle colors often provide improved energy efficiency when compared to darker shingle colors. Lighter tones reflect the sun’s heat, while darker tones absorb it.

5. Surrounding Area

Think about the area around your home when picking a shingle color. You might choose an earthy tone if you have a lot of trees around your house, for example.

6. HOA Regulations

Does your HOA restrict roof shingle colors? Check your HOA regulations before you start exploring your shingle colors, so you can narrow down your options right away.

7. Preferences

The shingle color you choose is ultimately up to you, so consider your personal preferences when choosing a color. Since you’ll have your roof shingles for many years, make sure you’re happy with the color you end up choosing.

8. Shingle Shapes

When choosing a color, you’ll also need to decide on a shape for your shingles. Take a drive around your area to see what other houses have to understand what style would suit your own home best.If you’re looking for new shingles for your home, please contact S&S Roofing in Arlington today. Our expert roofers can help you select the best color shingles based on your preferences and other factors.