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Heavy Rain and a Washington Roof…..

November 5, 2013 by  
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Heavy rains have moved into the Washington Area this week and it is unavoidable that hundreds if not thousands of residents will have the misfortune of water pouring into their homes and businesses by way of roof leaks. This being said, many homeowners underestimate the importance of calling a licensed and bonded Roofer to deal with the leaky roof as soon as possible. Every moment that you have water seeping into your home and do not act, the cost of repairs to the roof and the interior of your house is rising!

Many homeowners see a small water spot in their ceiling, or a few drops of water in their attic and feel that it is not necessary to act immediately. THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! That small spot that is visible to you is only the visible indication that there is a problem, the real damage and real threat typically lays in areas that are not easily visible! By the time you see any water spots in your home, the problem is already very serious. Catching and repairing roofs as soon as possible leads to massive savings, not only on the roofer work, but also in the time it takes to complete the roofing work for the roofer!

Catching the roof leak early and having a licensed, bonded, and insured roofer with a current license number fix that leak can mean the difference between minor roof repair and needing an entirely new roof. In addition, what you have to look out for is water damage inside your home! Water damage is a very costly and time consuming issue that can lead to structural damage of the home, the ruining of valuable possessions inside, the need to replace carpets, furniture, entire walls even! The power is yours to stop this home destroyer called water! In addition, water damage that does occur from leaky roofs that goes untreated can lead to mold and mildew formulation which as we all know is dangerous to your family. Do not let water coming from the heavy rains destroy your home, if you have any signs of a roof leak, call an S & S Roofing immediately and get the roof inspected, get a free estimate, and get the work done quickly before a small leak turns into a major nightmare that damages your home and leads to the need for water damage restoration and even new roof installation!

One last thing that homeowners can do to help mitigate the potential of ever having to deal with an emergency water situation in their home is to be proactive. Too many homes have gone far too long without having their roof inspected or replaced if necessary. We are not aiming to scare you here, but the question is, are you willing to risk finding yourself flooded versus having a certified professional visit your home in advance and conduct a roof inspection AT NO COST?


Call us today at (360) 386-9903 and let our family take care of yours!

Protect Your Roof By Keeping Your Gutters Clean

October 28, 2013 by  
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Fall is in air, which means it might be time to tackle that exterior home to-do list. Top on the list should be cleaning out the gutters. Yes, we just heard you groan. Cleaning the gutters is an unpleasant chore, but it’s actually a really important preventative measure to keep your roof and your eaves in good shape.

Your roofing, flashing, gutters, fascia and down spouts all work together to move moisture away from your roof as efficiently as possible. As you know, moisture is a roof’s enemy. Standing moisture can cause mold and expensive leaks.

If debris builds up in your gutters, not only will this slow or even stop water from draining efficiently from the roof, but the weight of the debris can damage the gutters and fascia boards.

We’ve seen gutters that bend beneath the weight of wet leaves or even come loose from the house. Fascia boards can also come loose, and if gutters aren’t working, pooling will eventually have to go somewhere, which could be your bedrooms or hallway!

Here are just a few tips on getting your gutters clean:

So what will you need to get the job done? You only need a few things and they depend on the method you choose. Many different tricks and techniques have been developed by home improvement magazines, experts, and handymen alike but the main concept is simple, just get on the ladder and pull the junk out of the gutters.

You’ll need; a ladder, gloves, a container to gather the debris such as a bag or bucket, a garden trowel or small hand rake, and the hose.

Begin by setting the ladder an arms length away from a corner downspout, and tuck a few garbage bags in your back pocket so you can easily pull them out. Some people prefer to use a bucket and bucket hanger for the ladder, but it is much easier to use those little plastic shopping bags. A full bucket or big garbage bag can get pretty heavy and make the job tougher than a high wire act.

Hold your garden trowel or rake in your hand and begin your ascent. You never want to put sharp objects in your pocket when you are climbing a ladder, as they can harpoon you if you fall. Use the tool to pull the debris away from the down spout, being careful not to let any junk fall into the opening, which can create a clog. Take one handful at a time and fill up the bags, tying and dropping them to the ground as you go. Drop the bags away from the bottom of the ladder so they don’t get in your way when you need to dismount.

Move the ladder and repeat. Never reach further than an arms length away from the ladder and be sure to get the dirt on the bottom of the gutter. A majority of it is from the asphalt shingles that run off into the gutter. This stuff gets very heavy when wet so don’t leave it in there.

If you are afraid of heights or worry about dealing with the bags in such a precarious situation, simply grab handfuls from the gutters and drop it onto a clear spot on the ground. This is a very messy method, but you can rake up the debris later, safely and easily. Some guys drop the material down onto a tarp and shake it into a garbage can later.

Once you clean an entire length, grab the hose and spray down the gutter and into the down spouts to get all the small pieces you missed. If there are clogs that the hose can’t clear, you can use a plumbers snake to clear them out. This is also a good point to see if your gutters leak at any corners or joining pieces. If they do, you can purchase a silicone sealant and very easily make the fix. Remember that water finds the path of least resistance, and that path us usually into the walls of your house, so a leaky gutter can be just as bad as a clogged one.

If you are ambitious, you can scrub down the outside of the gutters or touch up any spots with paint to keep your house looking its best.

If you notice damage to your gutters, fascia boards or any other part of your roof, give S & S Roofing a call at (360) 386 – 9903. We are fully insurance and licensed and Bonded and can send out a repair expert to assess the damage and give you a repair quote. 





7 Ways To Avoid A Roofing “Rip Off”

October 9, 2013 by  
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There are ways that you, as a consumer, can protect yourself from unscrupulous, often unlicensed roofing contractors. If you heed the following suggestions, you will be less likely to be one of the victims of this common problem.

If you are searching for a long-term roofing repair contractor for projects then integrity is key. Finding someone good could be very tough so, here are some steps to take to make sure you could work with an excellent contractor.

Here are some useful tips to help you avoid “Rip Off” Roofers:

  1. Ask your friends, family and neighbors who they hired for roofing work. Did they like their roofing contractor?
  2. Ask the roofing contractor for local references – names and phone numbers of a few recent jobs nearby.
  3. Find roofing contractors from reliable online sources:  (Such as the BBB, Angie’s List, Home Advisor and Service Magic).  Upon checking these 4 top sites, we hope you will notice that S & S Roofing has a TOP tier rating within ALL 4 of these sites!
  4. Unbelievably low pricing is a possible indicator that the roofing company may be up to no good. Never choose a roofing contractor based solely on who quotes you the lowest price.
  5. Ask the roofer for documentation showing license, insurance, and any other credentials.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the termsMany Contractors’ proposal or contract forms contain specific terms and conditions. As with any contract, such terms have advantages and obligations for both parties, and should be read carefully.  Do not pay for work until you are sure the Contractor is through with his job.       
  2. Don’t pay the roofer upfront so they can go “purchase the     roofing materials” for the job. There’s a chance they could take the money and run.  No down payment or a 10% down payment is best.  A larger down payment is OK if you’ve done your homework and are extremely confident the contractor is trustworthy.

Whether you are repairing a roof damaged in a recent storm, or just from normal wear and tear, the above mistakes can make or break the overall life of your roof. Although you should definitely be talking with your roofing contractor about these points, choosing a local, reputable company to do your roofing work can help you avoid many of the unethical roofing contractors that are looking to take advantage of home owners!.. Your roof is the most important part of your home. Make sure you put it in good hands.

For your FREE Estimate please call S & S Roofing with ANY questions you may have!  360.868.9903! 

Why It’s Best to Replace Your Roof Before Winter Sets In…

October 3, 2013 by  
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If your roof needs replacing, it’s a mistake to try to get it through another winter and tackle the project come spring. Even if the problems are relatively minor, like a few small holes or minor leaks here and there, winter can magnify them to a whole new level. A major snowfall or rain storm can create nightmares for homeowners with faulty roofs, since the added weight of the snow can cause further structural problems and trigger leaks and other moisture-related problems.  


In the  Northwest you never know when a severe rain storm or if snow will happen!  Sometimes waiting until Spring is just the wrong answer.  Luckily, in Washington state we still have nice weather during the Fall time, the perfect time to still replace your roof before Winter truly sets upon us.



Should You Consider Roofing Replacement?



n case you’re not sure whether or not your roof will make it through the coming winter, you should consider having a S & S Roofing inspector check your roof to evaluate its integrity. If the inspector recommends a roofing replacement over repairs, now is the time to act.


For affordable, reliable and professional roofing services, trust the professionals at S & S Roofing.  We provide comprehensive roof inspection, and can handle all your roofing and re-roofing needs. Let’s get your roof in shape before extreme weather arrives!



To schedule your free consultation, call  360.386.9903.





4 Steps To Preparing Your Roof For Fall And Winter

September 23, 2013 by  
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fall roof preparation


The summer days are cooling off, the kids are starting a new school year and we are reminded that the long rainy season is about to return. Fall is a magical season, and it’s the time of year when we should button up our homes as well as our jackets. Between now and the first freeze of winter, there are four things you can do to prepare your roof for bad weather.

Clean The Gutters

When leaves and debris collect in your gutter system, eventually, it will create a clog in the downspouts. Rain water will overflow the gutters, damaging your roof, trim and siding. The added weight of the wet leaves and water could also cause your gutters to pull loose from the anchor point or collapse.

To prevent these problems and unforeseen repair costs, make sure to keep your gutters relatively clear through the fall. And, once the trees around your home are bare, do a thorough cleaning. You can also get out ahead of the fall season and have gutter screens or guards installed to prevent the collection of debris in the first place. 


Clear off Debris

It’s important to remove leaves, pine needles, and other debris from the surface of your roof as well as your gutters. Even small bits of debris will hold moisture and possibly rot or mold, which will break down your roofing material.

If you’re confident and experienced in walking on your roof, get up there and broom or blow off the debris that has collected on your roof, paying special attention to the valleys, which are most vulnerable to water damage. Make sure they are free and clear of debris so as to allow water to flow.

Check For Damages and Deterioration

With a clean roof, scan the surface for missing shingles or ones that have cracked curled or frayed edges. You can use binoculars to inspect from the ground or climb up to the roof to have a look.

Also check for damaged flashing around vent stacks, chimneys, and skylights. These areas are the usual suspects when you have a leak. Repairing flashing yourself may not always provide the results you expect, so give us a call and we’ll make sure everything is sealed properly before the rain hits.

Attic Insulation and Ventilation

Without adequate airflow in your attic, you could be looking at higher-that-necessary energy bills and roof leaks emerging in a snowstorm. During the day, sunlight hits your roof and heats up the air in your attic. Without vents located at the soffits, ridges, and/or gables of your roof, the hot air condensates, causing moisture damage and possible mold or rot in your roof’s supports.

This heat can also cause ice dams in higher elevations, inviting leaks when snow accumulates on your roof.

Additionally, when that hot air has nowhere else to go, it will seep into and overheat your living space, asking you to use your AC more than you have to. This is one of the reasons why insulation is so critical to an energy efficient home.

To evaluate your attic insulation and ventilation, you can hire an energy auditor or weatherization contractor to do an inspection and make modifications. And, if you make these changes before the end of 2013, you could be eligible for an energy efficiency tax credit.

Need a roofing evaluation or a replacement roof? Contact S&S Roofing today for a a FREE estimate! Call us at 360-386-9903

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